Orthodontist Premier League 3 2019 (Davangere)
In the Orthodontist premier league 3 2019(davangere) conducted by the Bangalore Orthodontic Study Group, The Oxford Orthodons achieved the 2nd Runners position out of the 20 teams participated . Along with Best batsman(male) and Best batsman (female) Cup.

Dr.Shoaib was chosen as the best batsman(male)

Dr.Sneha was chosen as the best batsman(female).

The air was charged with adrenaline and excitement as everyone geared up to compete in the sporting events, aptly named, 'The War of Nerves'. There were a variety of events, ranging from Cricket,Football, Throw Ball, Volleyball and Track events to Carrom, Chess and other Indoor games. The tension in the air was palpable as competitors vied with each other to prove their mettle and emerge the winners.

However, at the end of the day, it mattered not, who won or who lost, but indeed, how they played the game, a true testament to the tremendous skill, teamwork and sportsmanship displayed.