1. Government Urdu Public School
  2. Prarthana High School
  3. Khalsa Public School
  4. BCR Public School
  5. Achiever’s Academy
  6. Chinmaya Vidya Mandir High School
  7. Shubhodhini English High School
  8. Indian Primary High School
  9. Brahmagiri Vidya Mandir
  10. St. Mary Crescent
  11. Amaratra Academy
  12. Newton Public School


  1. Hill Side Public School
  2. Brahmagiri Vidya Mandir
  3. BCR Public School
  4. Sri Chena Keshava School
  5. Indian Primary High School
  6. Mother Teresa School
  7. Jai Hind International School
  8. Silicon City High School
  9. Gurukul Public School

Apart from these institutions covered, we intend to focus on special schools doing our best to spread dental awareness and provide treatment for the unprivileged and the challenged children.


  1. Arpana School for the Blind
  2. Divya Downs and Development
  3. Sheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf
  4. Ashakirana Nele- Caring Home for Destitute Children